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Sadhu Amar,An Indian man says he's been holding his right hand up in the air since 1973. He's lost use of his limb.

What you don’t move eventually won’t move

Why do I get stiffer? Why does my back hurt? Should I move or do planks? Unlike a turtle’s shell, the human “core” is designed to rotate and produce power. If you teach the core muscles and fascia to be rigid and unmoving, that’s what your body learn and ultimately leads to immobility and back pain…

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Not sure if you’re overweight?

Lean is Mean; and Mean beats Covid-19

Excess body fat has nothing to do with aesthetics, and everything to do with health and longevity. Being overweight puts a person at an exponentially higher risk for SEVEN (bold below) out of the top 11 leading causes of deaths per year in the United States.

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