Watch this video and see how fast and easy it is to configure the CAT to perform hundreds of different exercises.  

No! Well…Yes, because technically Every Body Is An Athlete in Progress! Over the past 2 years we’ve trained exercisers/athletes of all ages (5-84 years old), and all abilities, and the CATALYZER is all good if you know how to “scale”/modify each exercise to make it work for you. In the Free PowerCAT7 Fundamentals Training program, we’ll show you exactly how to make each exercise easier or harder, so you can create the perfect adaptation stimulus for YOUR Body…In all of our Training videos, there will be 3 of us demonstrating the easy, medium, and hard/challenging version of every exercise. We’ll always try to meet you where you’re at, not where we’re at 🙂  

The short answer is all women should start on RED, and all men under 6’1″ should start on black. A big guy taller than 6’1” should opt for the longer “heavier” gray cord.

So here’s the long answer…The 3 colors are slightly different lengths, and different tension levels to accommodate different heights and “strength” capacities.

The beautiful thing about our elastic PowerCords is they elongate to 3.5x their original length so there’s a LOT of different tension levels from beginning to end of max-elongation.

Naty (my wife) and Carmen (our friend in the videos/images) are 5’2 and 5’4” respectively and VERY strong. They prefer to do every exercise with the Red PC although they always have access to black. Dan (in the videos & garage) and I are ~5’10”, 160 lbs and we use the Black PC for every exercise we do. When we want to go light we minimize the elongation. For harder sets, we’ll put the cord under more elongation/tension and can get all the “heavy” loading we want. So if you want to double your resistance you simply use 2 PC’s simultaneously. And for the big, tall guys out there, you won’t be disappointed by the Gray PC. We’ve got a handful of 6’5” 300+ lb guys we work with who get all the workout they need from the Gray.

Shoot us an email at support@coreenginefitnes.com if this doesn’t answer all your questions! 

The short answer is not much…

Roughly 6’ x 12’ will get the job done for all of the exercises.

But if you don’t have that much room, there are still hundreds of different exercises (pull ups, shredders, push ups, jump rope, Rip Trainer…) that can be done in half that space.

Check out the video and you’ll see a 15’ x 15’ living room space—with a piano, couch, table, & desk—where Naty and I train at home.

For overhead anchor point training, one of us uses a ceiling mount and the other a door.

Of course you could use two ceiling mounts, or two doors, but the point is you can get the World’s best and most efficient workout—with a family member!—in a relatively small space. 

No. You’ll have anytime/lifetime access to our extensive library of hundreds of FUNdamental exercises.

We’ve organized 5 x 10 minute warm ups; 11 x 15 minute workouts; and 5 x 5 minute floor core finishers into 5 x 45 minute workouts over the course of 7 days: which is why it’s called PowerCAT7 FUNdamentals!

There are hundreds of different ways to arrange the warmups, workout blocks, and finishers, so you can design your own workouts—for free– for the rest of you life if you want to. 

OR, you can hire us (for less than a few bucks a day) to do the seemingly easy, but curiously complex work of evolving the exercises and workouts so your brain and body never get bored.
Monotony is the enemy of progress when it comes to getting results from training. The tricky part, and where most well intentioned exercisers err, is creating variety at the expense of effectiveness and safety.
We’re happy to leverage our 60 years in the trenches as full-time Trainers, to constantly vary the exercises and workouts so you’re always getting better, without getting hurt.
So if you’re looking to evolve beyond the Fundamental exercises and workouts, we’ve got PowerCAT30 and PowerCAT90 Training Programs waiting in the wings to take you to higher levels of 6-Pack Fitness. 

No, all of the overhead anchor point—suspension training—can be done using a door.

Both the Long and Short Black Chains come with “door-jams.” Just throw it over the top of a solid door, shut the door tight, and you’re good to go.

We’ve done entire workouts–using every modality and exercise we have– using a door-jam anchor point, and the only drawback is you can’t do full bodyweight pull ups. But trust me, you can still do all of the leveraged pull up and rowing exercises we do, and hit everything you need.

Go to 8 mins & 24 secs into video above to see how the attachment “chains” easily anchor to any door. 

No, it takes less than a minute once you locate the stud or beam you’re going to drill into.

The state of the art F-23 Structural Screws pre-drill themselves, so it’s super easy and quick to push two of them into a solid structure.

The slowest part of this process is determining the ideal location in your space. We recommend several feet from a wall, and then 8-12 feet beyond that if you plan to use the PowerCords for suspension training exercises.

If you’re handy—and have a drill and stud finder– the whole process should take less than 10 minutes.

If you’re not super handy and comfortable finding the center of a stud to drill into, we recommend hiring a handyman/carpenter.

The great thing is once your ceiling mount is in, you have a permanent overhead anchor point and your home gym is complete!

Go to 1 minute into video above to see how easy it is to install the ceiling mount. 

Start with the CAT kit that you can afford today, but know that this is long-term investment in the quality of your Life.
How important is looking, feeling, and functioning better, worth to you?
For us, everything starts with feeling good, having high sustainable energy, performing well in activities, and not being injured. Yes, your success and happiness is “winning” for us and makes us happy, but we know that we can’t “pour” what we don’t have, from an empty cup. So it’s important for us, and everyone, to take care of how our bodies feel,”look”, and function, so we can take care of others. 
Bottom line: If you can afford the Super-Hero kit, you’ll save some money down the road by not having to purchase individual components at retail price.
If you’re only comfortable starting with the Power CAT you’ll save some money now, and can add additional components— which will provide more functions and overload— gradually over the course of the next year or two.
We’ve learned that when it comes to purchasing athletic equipment, it’s not worth it for us to start with anything less than the highest level, because we know that in the long run, we always want the best so we don’t feel limited by our gear. So we would rather “stretch” a little in the beginning and start with the highest level package (bike/skis/shoes/CAT), versus starting with the entry level package.
Whatever CAT kit you decide is best for you right now, just know that we’ll be there every step of the way to insure you get the results you deserve from every workout!
Just send it back within 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund.
Of course we’d love to hear from you well before you’re unhappy, to see if we can help you work through whatever issues your having, but if it’s not for you we’re more than happy to refund your money. We’re in this to make people happier and change lives, so the last thing we want is an unhappy customer. So if there’s ever an issue we can’t work through via email (Bill@CoreEngineFitness.com), we always can jump on a Zoom call or FaceTime and try to work through whatever challenges you’re facing.