Home Workout: Get 6x More Results From Your Home Gym

How to Burn Fat, Eliminate Back Pain, & Build Muscle, 

In the Comfort of Your Home Gym

Home Gym workouts can be challenging, especially if you’re just getting started…

What equipment, which warmup, what exercises, how long, and it goes on and on…


The other important consideration is that it’s one thing to “do” a home workout…It’s an altogether different thing, to do a workout that delivers the 6 ingredients your body needs to look, feel, and function at the highest level.

Unless you don’t have to get out of bed in the morning, every home workout should deliver the 6-Pack of Fitness every human with a body needs:

  1. 3-Dimensional STRENGTH you can use in your Life and Activities.
  2. Full-Body STAMINA–not just legs—so you’re a fat-burning machine all day.
  3. MOBILITY for 3-Dimensional movements so your body is bulletproofed from injuries
  4. Lean powerful MUSCLES that look not only great, but function optimally.
  5. Total-body COORDINATION so you don’t have 2 left feet and are chronically injured.
  6. CORE ENGINE rotational power for next level fitness and sports performance.

Skipping any one of these in a home workout is like not brushing all of your teeth…

Seriously, so if you’re going to use your home gym 3x/week—150 hours/year—why not give your body everything it needs to look great, feel energized, and function optimally in Life and your favorite activities??? 

To help you put together a home workout plan that actually works, we’ve distilled our 60 years of experience as Trainers and Athletes, into an easy to follow 5 Step Program.

Let’s do this!

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1. Choose A Home Gym that Works for YOU.

The key here is the workout WORKS for YOU. In other words, long after you finish the workout, the work of re-modelling your body is still taking place so you’re actually benefiting for dozens of hours after the workout is done. 

You’ve probably heard the axiom “the only way to get rich, is to figure out how to make money when you’re not working.” The same holds true for fitness: the best way to make your body leaner and stronger is to “make fitness” when you’re not working out.

When it comes to home workouts, there’s a common misconception that you have to “love” your workout for it to be effective. Sure it’s great if you’re enamored with your home gym and workout. But more importantly, your precious time and training efforts yield results that work for your body, your life, your activities.

Here’s a quick analogy…If you’re like most people, you don’t necessarily “enjoy” brushing and flossing your teeth 6 minutes per day—that’s 42 minutes per week for 1/2,000 of your body!— but you do it religiously because it’s a discipline that keeps your teeth from falling out of your head. 

And I’m willing to bet that even though you don’t love the daily ritual of brushing and flossing, you’re not using outdated equipment and techniques.

Despite using frayed sticks and urine—that’s right pee!—for mouthwash, the Romans had pretty darn good teeth and dental hygiene.

But just because something works pretty well, doesn’t mean there’s not a safer and more effective alternative to getting the same job done. The same is true when it comes to home gym fitness: it’s never about what works. It’s always about what works better.

Katie with he CATALYZER mounted in her Van

What we’ve found works better than any other home gym equipment available is the CATALYZER™/a.k.a. CAT. 

If you’re looking to build muscle, eliminate back pain, burn fat, improve mobility, maximize mobility, and crank up Core Engine power, there is no safer and more effective home gym system. 

In addition to dozens of training modalities, and hundreds of new exercises to choose from, there’s an online community of like-minded athletes to keep you engaged, inspired, and accountable.

Bottom line: 

Choose a home workout that works for you, and takes advantage of state of the art tools and training techniques so you can get the 6-Pack of Fitness you deserve.

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Here are some quick places to start:

  • Choose the CATALYZER™ KIT that works for you.
  • Get Free Lifetime Access to Hundreds of Full Body Exercises, Warmups, Workout Blocks, & the best Core Exercises.
  • Challenge yourself to lose weight, build muscle, and improve Functional Fitness with the FitCAT30 Challenge
  • Learn new exercises, new fat-burning practices, and new training tactics to transform your body
  • Join our FaceBook Community and meet motivated athletes just like you

2. K.I.S.S. Your Home Gym Workout

Keep It Simple Smarty-pants, so you don’t get overwhelmed with a room full of home gym equipment, and a cornucopia of overly creative exercises that aren’t effective. 


Particularly when you first start out, it’s best to keep your equipment and exercises un-complicated.

Home Gym for inside and outside

When it comes to home gym equipment, you won’t find a more versatile and uncomplicated system than the CATALYZER™. It’s essentially a Swiss Army Knife for fitness in the sense that you have one multi-function tool that does it all. Another benefit is you don’t have to get all of the functions and components right off the bat…You can add more functionality, and more resistance, as you get more comfortable with the basics. All CAT owners get Free Lifetime access to the extensive library of Fundamental Movementegrity™Exercises and home workouts, so you’ll have lots of options for getting better, without getting hurt.

3. Calendar An Appointment With Your Home Gym

What gets scheduled, gets done. And what gets done consistently, is what becomes your Life. 

You probably calendar appointments for haircuts, lunch dates, and car maintenance because they’re important. 

Bring your home gym when you're traveling

Why not make an appointment for the most important thing in your life? You don’t have to love your body to prioritize it, and be kind to it by delivering home workouts that deliver the 6-Pack of Fitness. A little home gym kindness goes a long way toward keeping your brain-body marriage alive and well 🙂

For most humans, having a high quality of life has a lot to do with how you Look, Feel, and Function. When you like how you look, you feel better. When your body functions and performs well, you feel better.

When you feel better, you’re happy, and that’s what you share with your family, friends, and co-workers.

Mother working out with kids in the living room

You don’t have to train every day, but there will always be a home workout—plus training tips and fat burning tactics—in your inbox everyday you’re part of the FitCAT family.

So make an appointment with your home-gym, so you can have the high quality of life you deserve. 

We make this easy by sending you a home workout you can follow online every weekday. 

4. Consistency is King for Home Workout Success

To be successful at anything in life takes persistence, patience, and perseverance. Changing your body, and getting next level fitness is no different.

Consistently performing workouts that deliver the 6-Pack of Fitness will—over time—significantly improve your Strength, Stamina, Mobility, Muscle-Defintion, Coordination & Core Engine Power. This isn’t theory or speculation…This is simply how the body responds to consistent training.

workingout with kids around

Do you remember having braces? When your Orthodontist installed the braces, he/she didn’t hope and pray that your teeth would magically reorient themselves. Orthodontists know that consistent pressure on teeth—even though they are deeply rooted and secured into position—will eventually move them into a more optimal position.

Training outside

After 2 years of applying home workout “pressure” to athletes* of all ages and abilities, we know the CATALYZER™ works. 

It’s proven itself to be an incredibly effective and versatile tool for building muscle, eliminating back pain, accelerating weight loss, and improving mobility; stamina; coordination; and  Core Engine Power. 

So the question is not “if” the CAT works…The question is how much can you make it work for your body, your life, your activities by using it consistently.

*Every body is an athlete…Just at different stages!

5. Remember your Why For Home Workouts

Success comes before why only in the Dictionary… 


Knowing why you’re doing home workouts, can be a powerful motivator to be stronger than your strongest excuse to skip a workout…


Figure'8 at home with the CATALYZER

Only you know WHY you are motivated to change your body and get next level fitness. Only you can do the work of making life-changing results happen.

So think about your Why, write it down, and post it where you can see it every day as a reminder.

Here’s a rec-cap of some quick links to get you started with your own CATALYZER home gym:


  • Choose a CAT Kit that works for your budget, and your goals.
  • Start performing free online workouts featuring hundreds of new exercises
  • Sign up for our FitCAT30 Challenge which will help you create new habits that will change your body and life.
  • Join our online community and meet lots of motivated athletes
Bill & Naty at Baldy

We’re all on the same team, with the same goal of looking, feeling, and functioning our best.

Nothing feels as good as a home gym workout, that delivers the 6-Pack of Fitness you need for Life and Sports.

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