The World’s 1st Multi-Function PowerCord does it all…you can step on it, jump it, push/pull it, slam it, battle it, and change your body with it!




Made from proprietary polymers and covered for safety, you won’t find an elastic cord that has better elongation and durability. PowerCords come in 3 lengths/resistance levels and can be doubled or tripled to provide from 2 lbs to over 200 pounds of resistance for any workout.

The CAT PowerCords are the safest and most durable elastic resistance “bands” on the market. You’ll get hundreds of thousands of fun reps from every high quality PC.

1. Now you have the option of more resistance for every exercise!
2. Now you can do hundreds of new Battle Ropes/CAT exercises!
3. Now you can Jump Rope/CAT with 2 cords which is a whole new animal!

Additional information

Weight N/A

Red/Medium-Resistance (Perfect for all Women), Black/Heavy-Resistance (Recommended for all men under 6’1”), Gray/ Extra Heavy- Resistance (Best for Men over 6’1”)