Portable Home Gym Suspension Exerciser/Jump Rope/Resistance Training/Pushup Handles/Mobility/Ripped Trainer: Body Weight/ Elastic Resistance/Full Body Functional Training Workouts for Home, Travel, Outdoors. Build Muscle, Improve Mobility, Burn Fat, Improve Cardio, Free Training and Instruction Included. 
Catalyzer Handles: These built to last work-horses feature dual ball-bearings, drop-forged steel spindles, over-molded Ergo-Grips, and stronger than steel lightweight materials making them the Core Engine™ of the CATALYZER™.
catalyzer, 1lb Handle weights
Short Chain
CATPACK: The CATALYZER™  is the World’s 1st Evolutionary Exercise device that optimizes and integrates 11 pieces of functional training equipment so you can fit your entire “gym” in a backpack
3 PowerCords - 3 Different Resistance
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RIPPED CAT STARTER SYSTEM! This is our most versatile lightweight portable gym that hits the 6-Pack of Fitness with 6 Functional Training modalities. Includes everything you need to get started, plus free online training videos.
GET AMAZING RESULTS IN JUST 30 MINUTES! Easy to use and designed for all ages and abilities. Now you can get the 6-Pack of Fitness you deserve: Skyrocket Strength & Stamina. Build Muscle & Mobility. Improve Coordination & Core Engine™ Power.
MOVEMENTEGRITY™EXERCISES are the Secret Weapon of CrossCAT Training. You’ll learn hundreds of new functional training movements that integrate the 6-Pack of Fitness so you get the benefits of 6 workouts in one.
GET NEXT LEVEL FITNESS ANYWHERE! The Ripped CAT can be used inside or outdoors, so wherever you are, you’ve got access to the World’s Most Intelligent Workout.
BUILT TO PERFORM & MADE TO LAST! Every component is made from the highest-quality materials and Safety-Tested to the highest standards. 
WORLD-CLASS COACHING! We’ll leverage 60 years of experience as trainers and athletes, to provide year-round workouts that make you better, leaner, & stronger, without getting hurt.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

Red/Medium-Resistance (Perfect for all Women), Black/Heavy-Resistance (Recommended for all men under 6’1”), Gray/ Extra Heavy- Resistance (Best for Men over 6’1”)