What is

It’s the World’s First “Swiss Army Knife” for Fitness, and the only Training Tool You’ll Ever Need.

Weighing less than 5 lbs, it’s fully portable and attaches easily to a door, tree branch, or fence so you can train inside or out, anywhere/anytime. 


This is the most affordable version of the CATALYZER, with lots of great features that will take your 6-Pack of Fitness to the next level!

You can always add-on additional components later to have more options for overloading, and exercise modalities. Plus FREE SHIPPING!

This is our best selling training system! It’s got all the resistance you need, enabling you to overload hundreds of body-changing exercises that will take your 6-Pack of Fitness to another level.

You can add more components anytime you’re ready to upgrade to Super-Hero functionality. Plus FREE SHIPPING!

This all-inclusive kit offers the best value! For those of you—like us—who want the absolute best of everything right off the bat, this is it…

You’ll have every component, and all the resistance you need to get the World’s best workout anywhere/anytime. Plus FREE SHIPPING!​

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