Portable-Home GYM

And comes with
FREE online training videos!


Portable-Home GYM

And comes with
FREE online training videos!

Our CATALYZER-Hero Portable GYM​

Invest in your BODY

The Hero CAT has everything you need to keep your body YOUNG… Not just the tool, but the Training Program

With The CATALYZER ™-HERO Kit you’ll get a complete full-body fitness system that delivers the 6 things your body needs from every workout. We call it the 6-Pack of Fitness…

Our CATALYZER-Hero Portable GYM

Hero CAT

Hero CAT

This is our best selling training system! It’s got all the resistance you need, enabling you to overload hundreds of body-changing exercises.

Plus you get 7 days of training and secret tips!
money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

for all of our Products

At Core Engine Fitness we stand behind our products 100%. Every CATALYZER is backed by a 30-day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If it’s not for you, send it back for a refund—no questions asked. 

Lifetime FREE Training Videos

With The HERO cAT

You get:

  • 5 x 10 min Warmups
  • 11 x 15 minute Workout blocks
  • 5 x 5 minute Floor Core finishers
  • Hundreds of Exercises
  • 5 Workouts (45 mins each)
  • Daily Emails with training tips & Secrets

EVERY EXERCISE delivers the 6 things your body needs from every workout. We call it the 6-Pack of Fitness…

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Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.
Choose your practices wisely…

if you practice not moving... eventually you won't move
If you want to keep moving... Practice Moving.

“I’m Totally Addicted To PowerJump.
There Is No Better Full Body Workout"

Tyler using his CATALYZER at home, working full body workout with handles, weights and 2 PowerCords
With my CATALYZER™, losing 12 lbs in 3 weeks was easy because I can go really hard, and not get hurt. Plus it’s fun! I’ve done lots of different workouts over the years and nothing hits every aspect of my fitness so hard, and so well. It’s worth every penny and the online workouts are awesome!!! ~Tyler, 32,
Mother working out with kids in the living room
Since I started training with the Catalyzer, my body feels SO MUCH BETTER. I can go super hard, get EVERYTHING I need from one workout, and not feel completely wrecked the next day.
It’s helped my lower back, pelvic floor, and the best part is, I can do it all in my living room with my kids! ~Lacie F. 30
Mother working out with kids in the living room
Probably from working construction for 40 years, my lower back has always been a weak link. Until I started using the Catalyzer, I was so stiff I could barely walk in the morning. 
Now after 8 months of PowerCAT Training 2-3x/week my back is a lot stronger, less stiff, and I’m able to enjoy Jiu Jitsu, and Dirt-Biking with my teenage son. I’ve also gotten leaner and gained 6-7 lbs of muscle. ~Dan Y 58

Core Engine Founders

60 Years of Combined Experience Making Bodies Younger and Stronger.

Our passion for helping athletes and exercisers of all ages and abilities, transform into the best versions of themselves, led us to discover a game-changer training tool.
At 58 and 45 years old, we know what we need to stay young… 
And it’s not that complicated. We use the CATALYZER™ to overload
full-body movements that deliver the 6-Pack of Fitness Every Body needs to SurThrive: Strength; Stamina; Mobility; Muscle-Definition; Coordination; and Core Engine Power. 
We are obsessed with helping you—and all humans with bodies!– build a foundation of habits that support the new life of your dreams.
A good coach can change your workout. The right coach can change your life. Using the right tools, with the right exercises, we know we 
can transform your body, and change your life. Why wait???

“The Quality of your Training inside reflects the Quality of your Life outside”.

Bill Nurge | Naty Nurge | Home workout | Home Gym | Workout at home | Workout for small spaces

Bill & Naty Nurge

Completely Portable, Versatile and
you'll Enjoy the Online Workouts

Get 6x More Results!!!

The CATALYZER™ Combines

6 Different Workouts into ONE!!!

  1. Maximize Muscle Definition & Bone Density
  2. Build Full-Body Strength
  3. Increase Stamina and Burn FAT in Every Workout
  4. Improve Mobility & Eliminate Back Pain
  5. Develop Coordination & Balance
  6. Get a Ripped Powerful CORE
money back guarantee



30 Day Money Back Guarantee